Editorial: Public Library Systems

Nearly three and a half MILLION visits were made to the main library and nine branches in Montgomery County over the past five years, with visits increasing each year.

Last year alone, more than 300,000 visits were made to the main library.

The big draw fueling the increases: free internet access.

This week three public hearings were held to develop a new strategic plan for the public library system.

More books and books on tape, more computers and staff assistance, enhanced story programs for children, separate areas for elementary, junior high and high school children, longer operating hours, and more media services were just some of the requests.

Quality of life makes a community special and libraries help enhance the quality of life on many levels.

Funding by the city and county has increased over the years for the library system but usage has outpaced the increases.

Investing more in the library materials budget would be a wise investment in our future.