South Alabama Mobile Newsroom: Historical Church in Henry County Burns Down

Churches are at the heart of virtually every small town in our area, like the Screamer Community in Henry County, just outside Abbeville.  A fire destroyed the Liberty United Methodist Church Tuesday night, but not the spirit of the members.

The sun came up Wednesday morning and shone brightly on the shell of one of the county's oldest churches, Liberty Methodist went back to the early 1800's. Long time church member Judy Tye's husband was one of the first on the scene, she says she couldn't bear to watch, " I told him I didn't think I could go.

Despite the best efforts of several volunteer fire departments, the roaring flames left little behind ashes.  Libery Methodist Pastor, Dianne Kelly got there as quickly as she could, "I remember driving up to the burning building." It's taken some time for the reality of the fire to sink in, but Rev. Kelly says the congregation is united and will rebuild.

The congreation will have church Sunday morning on the church grounds, they plan to move in portable buildings while they re-group and re-build.