Fire deaths

With the bitter cold and snow we've experienced over the past two days it may be hard to believe. Colder air is yet to come.  The mercury is expected to drop to the upper teens by tomorrow morning which brings up a lot of concerns about warmth and safety.

For three families, this warning comes too late.

What once was Annette Foster's home still smolder three days after the fire that took her life. Foster had been visiting her sister new years eve. She left just before midnight to bring in the new year at home.Otis Gilbert is foster nephew and neighbor,"They said Annette went home. Greg said he ran down there and the room that Annette was sleeping in was ablaze with fire . He kicked in the front door to rescue her and he was unable to cause the fire blazed him." Investigators say a kerosene heater started the fire.

In Dothan, investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire at Jerome Burks house started.  Styran Thomas is Burk's neighbor. "There was smoke at the top of the roof went inside told my aunt to call the fire department cause his bicycle was still there he don't go nowehere without his bicycle about two or three minutes later the house engulfed in flames." Burk later died at a local hospital.

And in Phenix City, more tragedy when a kerosene heater started this fire, killing one child, injuring two more children and an adult. In all three fires, it only took a matter of minutes to change lives, forever.