Editorial: Feedback

Many recent editorials struck nerves.

Regarding cameras at red lights, one viewer emailed:

"Many of the crazy drivers in Montgomery cannot be tracked by their license plates because no license plate is on the car. You cannot count how many cars have a plastic dealer tag or often a piece of cardboard stating "tag applied for". Another viewer said: "From what I observed on the Bypass, the way cars tailgate, rear end collisions are inevitable. Possibly the yellow and red lights overlapping would be a simpler solution."

Regarding the editorial on Alabama troops, a viewer wrote: "Our division here at home doesn't help our soldiers in Iraq." Another viewer, a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam war, said "It would now appear that mismanagement of any form is the hallmark of the Bush administration. The vast majority of the public simply does not trust him."

And regarding the editorial on Libraries a viewer responded: "The mission of the public library is a glorious one."

Please keep your feedback coming!