Real Or Fake? Email Circulating About Incident At Montgomery Movie Theater

Hundreds of people  in the Montgomery area have gotten an email claiming a teenager attacked a 12-year-old girl at the Rave movie theatre last weekend.

The email also claims the girls' parents contacted WSFA 12 News, but we were unable to determine if it was real until Thursday, when police confirmed the incident. The theatre says it has responded to the complaint.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Festival Shopping Center says it is concerned people might think it's an unsafe place. Captain Huey Thornton with Montgomery Police says, "For one incident, for someone to say that because of one incident it's an unsafe place, that's just untrue."

The parents have met with Mayor Bobby Bright and Police Chief Art Baylor and left satisfied after that meeting. In the meantime, investigators are looking at video from the theatre to try to track down the attacker.