Editorial: Special Session

The biggest dollar business project in the world right now could soon be built in Alabama.

We'll hopefully get a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment in June to approve increasing the amount of money the state can borrow to attract that business.

We encourage legislators to give us that chance by approving the initiative during their special session next week.

Our neighbors in Louisiana have already done this and a German steel manufacturer plans to choice between them or us for this huge project.

Several other potential projects that could be built in the state, including one in Montgomery, would also benefit.

We also encourage legislators to create trust funds to save money to pay for health care costs of retired state employees and educators.

The two initiatives are tied together.

If the trust funds are created, the state will save money on interest payments on the borrowed money for the business projects - since our bond rating would be better.

Alabama's job creation momentum can go to a new level soon. Let's take the first big step forward next week to make it happen.