Tallassee Teacher is a Class Act

Shelby Rodgers is the reading specialist at Tallassee Elementary School. She works with students between kindergarten and fourth grade...getting them to master phonics, better understand books or write about day-to-day life in journals.

4th grader Reginald Steele says, "I wrote about me, Brandi and Hunter was running; and Travis we was running fast."

Classmate Brooke Gregory says of Rodgers, "she can help us a lot and she's really kind when she helps us, she don't get really mad at us if we do something like wrong."

Along with visiting classrooms, Rodgers works one-on-one with troubled readers and also gives teachers guidelines to help students. "We're working with the children with phonics, with phonemic awareness, that means relaying to a kindergarten student that those little letters there actually make sounds, the sounds go together to make a word and then those words go together to make a sentence," she says.

Rodgers also helps the school in ways that have nothing to do with reading. Principal Keith Stewart calls her the total team player, "She's an excellent fundraiser. Businesses when they see her coming they pull out their checkbook and write her a check."

Rodgers is the assistant chair of the building based student support team at Tallassee Elementary; and belongs to the professional development committee.