Two Presidential Candidates To Speak in Selma

Selma Mayor James Perkins sums it up this way, "This is a testimony to the significance of Selma."

That testimony places Selma in the midst of the civil right struggle, paying homage to those who fought for the right to vote. This celebration is a recognition of that. But with 2 presidential candidates on the agenda are there any special plans?

Organizers like Sam Walker of the Voting Rights Museum, say no, "We already were in contact with the Secret Service and the Capital Police, because every other year there's a large delegation of members of Congress and their families that travel down to participate in the bridge crossing."

When it comes to hearing two presidential candidates at the same time, audience members are going to be faced with a challenge. While Senator Obama is speaking at Browns the same time a couple of blocks away Senator Clinton will be speaking at First Baptist Church.  Walker adds, "The hard thing is going to be for the public. The public is going to have to decide who they want to go hear."

Organizers say they expect about 35 thousand or more.  Perkins says, "We are expecting a substantial crowd. If you will recall back in 2000 when then President Clinton came. So we're looking for something that may approach that level of energy."

Towns folk say it's an opportunity to bring family together and look at their history....people like Barbara Brown, "I have people coming from Florida, North Carolina. They come from all over and we have a great time."