Cardiac Arrest Part I

Listen to this startling fact! According to the Centers for Disease Control almost 700 thousand people will die of heart disease in the United States this year and you could become the next victim. We want to change that. Tonight, WSFA 12 News is on a mission to save lives and we want to start with yours. Listen carefully, to our Cardiac Arrest report. It could save your life.

We took a question to the streets of Montgomery. We stopped at a grocery store parking lot, the food court and restaurants and we found many people willing to telling us how cardiovascular disease has affected their lives. The Centers for Disease Control reports 29 percent of the deaths in this county are caused by heart disease. So, armed with a few questions we probed into medical histories and family backgrounds. But, we needed more than just a few questions, We joined forces with the medical professionals at Baptist Medical Center South to try and save lives and together, we put people under what we call cardiac arrest.

Touch of Class Limousine helped us out, by rushing some of the people to the hospital for a number of test. They had blood work, an EKG and if necessary, Baptist made available an  amazing piece of technology. A 64 Slice CT. It takes 63 images of the body in a matter of seconds giving doctors an unprecedented look at your heart.  We tested eight people and one person's life was changed forever.

With every beat of his heart Aaron Lee worries about his health. He's 26 years old, married but his future could lie in his past. His father died of a stroke and everyday, he takes medication for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. "It's in the back of my mind, the back of my mind when I take my medicine that it could be my turn to die soon" Lee said.

Knowing his medical future Aaron Lee a photographer for WSFA 12 News put down his camera and turned the lens on himself. He under went the 64 CT and after two weeks of waiting he finally got some answers.

Tomorrow, we will take a closer look at the importance of knowing your family history and we will learn more about our own photographer Aaron Lee's condition and what he plans to do about it.

Reporter: Valorie Lawson