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Weather radio programming in Selma today!

WSFA 12 News is committed to keeping you safe in severe weather situations. However, when the power goes out and you can't watch TV or log online, your best defense is a weather radio. Below, you can find instructions on how to program your Midland Weather Radio.

Today the weather team will be in Selma at the Walgreens at 1111 Highland Ave., where you can purchase your own Midland Weather Radio and have it programmed by the team! They will be there from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Follow the Quick Start Instructions on page 2 of your Midland Weather Radio Owner's Manual.  After reading through step six, you are ready to program the S.A.M.E. code(s) into your Midland Weather Radio to narrow down its alerting capabilities to watches and warnings issued for the county in which you live.

Your Midland Weather Radio is programmed to pick up any alert within its receiving range by default.  This means that as long as you have the weather radio on to receive alerts, your radio will alert you of any watch or warning broadcasted over the frequency, which may include surrounding counties.

A list of local county codes is listed below, just scroll down. Otherwise, you can visit the following link HERE to get the S.A.M.E. code(s) for the or counties you are interested in receiving alerts:

You can also dial 1-888-NWS-SAME (1-888-697-7263) and follow the instructions to obtain your county S.A.M.E. code.

1. Begin by pressing the MENU button.

2. You should see the word MENU along the top part of the display. 
    TIME should appear in large letters on the bottom of the screen.

3. Press the UP arrow button three times until SAME SET appears on the screen.

4. Press the SELECT button.  The word ANY appears on the screen by default.

5. Press the UP or DOWN arrow button.  Your screen display choices will include:

  • ANY: Default setting to receive ALL alerts for ALL counties in broadcast frequency range.
  • SINGLE: Selet this option if you want the S.A.M.E. code for one county ONLY.
  • MULTIPLE: If you want the S.A.M.E. codes for multiple counties, select this option.

6. If you choose ANY, press SELECT and then MENU to get back to the main screen and you are done with the process.  If you choose SINGLE or MULTIPLE, continue with the following instructions.

7. Regardless of whether you choose SINGLE or MULTIPLE, the programming instructions remain the same.  However, if you choose SINGLE, you MUST program your primary county code into SAME 01 on the display. SINGLE will only alert the county code programmed for SAME 01.

8. Once SINGLE or MULTIPLE displays on the screen, press the SELECT button. You should see SAME 01 on the display by default.  (You may see 01-25 displayed after the word SAME.  These represent each programmable slot for a county code.)

9. Press SELECT again.  You should see six dashes.

10.  Using the UP and DOWN arrow keys will give you the option to run through numbers 0-9.  Using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys will allow you to move between number positions.  Enter the six digit code for your primary county into SAME 01.  When you are finished, press the SELECT button.

11.  If you only want your primary county programmed into the radio, then you are done.  Just press the MENU button until you return to the main screen.  If you choose to have multiple counties in your radio, follow instruction 12.

12.  Use the Up and DOWN arrow keys to select SAME 02, SAME 03, SAME 04, ect. To program additional county codes follow instruction 10 above.  You can program as many or as few as you'd like, up to twenty-five.   To exit, press the MENU button once to make sure MULTIPLE is displayed, and then press MENU to get back to the main screen.

Congratulations.  Your weather radio is now programmed!

NOTE:  Programming codes for other counties does not guarantee your radio will alert for all counties. The alert for the county must be broadcast by the National Weather Service on the frequency on which your weather radio is set to receive.  For example, if you live in Montgomery County, you cannot expect to receive an alert for Covington County because the frequency is out of range of the radio.  However, you should have no problems receiving an alert for your county or closely surrounding counties.


Autauga 001001 Coosa 001037 Lowndes 001085


001005 Covington 001039 Macon 001087
Bibb 001007 Crenshaw 001041 Marengo 001091
Bullock 001011 Dale 001045 Monroe 001099
Butler 001013 Dallas 001047 Montgomery 001101
Chilton 001021 Elmore 001051 Perry 001105
Clarke 001025 Henry 001067 Pike 001109
Coffee 001031 Houston 001069 Tallapoosa 001123
Conecuh 001035 Lee 001081 Wilcox 001131

Midland Weather Radios are available at your local Publix for $29.99.

You can also watch the video to the right for a tutorial!

TIP: It's also a good idea to get the codes for the counties that directly touch your county as well. That way, you create a buffer zone for warnings on approaching storms!

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