Daylight Saving Bug Another Y 2 K?

Jeff Bohman is kind of a computer guru.  He's the Vice President of Wilson Price Information Technology.

He says all the hype about the baby y-2-k- or daylight saving bug is a lot of hooey! "We don't see the impact of y-2-k on this change. Computer systems are time sensitive so there are real changes that need to be made."

He says that means the corporate world will be impacted more than the average joe. Computers at home will be able use a microsoft update...or go to the Microsoft web page.

So what about other implications? banks vaults and home entertainment centers?

Forrest Neeley is the Executive Vice President of Sterling Bank, "Cause the way our vaults are set up and all of them that i'm familiar with, they're all mechanical and we set the time each afternoon before we close and we set it for when we want it to open up, so there's nothing electronic about it. It's an old fashioned watch type mechanism."

As far as clocks at home...well you see this one every year anyway.

Even if you don't have a computer the main way where you could be effected by this bug would be if you have a vhs recorder or a dvd recorder or if you have a watch with the date.

Truman Low is Cohen's electronics audio consultant, "The dvd players and vcr players are all manually set up for time. Basically all you're going to do is go back into the manual and adjust it and set it up all over again."

Low says you would probably have to do that anyway just a few weeks later.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson