South Montgomery County Doesn't Escape Damage

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 1, 2007 -- The folks in South Montgomery County near Hobbie Road and Sprague Junction Road had an encounter with severe weather Thursday and one woman is counting her blessings.  Angela Locklar says as a nurse,"I stay calm in a crisis and then when it's over I lose it."

Locklar's home was the most damaged home in the area and she credits her husband's quick thinking for helping her survive.

"My husband got home about five minutes before the tornado came through and said,'Get in the bathroom now.  Grab some pillows...We went and got in the bathtub.  Our bathroom doesn't have any windows or anything so it was dark and then all of a sudden it was light.  We heard the tornado go over - it sounded like a train and the roof came off.  And we stayed in there another five or ten minutes to make sure all the damage was done and then we got out and found this -- completely gone, everything's flooded."

A barn is gone also.  "We have taken our horses to a friend's barn and we've got a couple of dogs and a couple of cats that we're getting moved."  Her husband had the duty of rounding up the stray members of the family.

She's already talked to her insurance agent and says reconstruction starts Friday morning, but first she'll reflect.  "All I can say is we got in the bathtub and we prayed and thank goodness God wasn't ready for us yet."

Commissioner Reed Ingram told WSFA there was damage 'from the west side of 331 to the east side of 231.  You can tell it's a tornado that came through it looks like and (we've) got a lot of trees down, a lot of rooftops, a lot of barns (damaged)."

Ingram says there was one injury in Ridgeland Farms.  He said there were a lot of trees down on Woodley and Zion roads "a total of over 100 trees down and fences and barns and outstructures."

Ingram said there was also a "report on some trailers in the Sprague area" that had been damaged.

Sheriff D.T. Marshall said three or four mobile homes suffered damage in Davenport along with an older home on Highway 331 which lost a roof and an older home on East Sprague Rd. took a heavy hit.

Reporter Chris Holmes

Internet Producer:  Helen Hammons