Homes Gone - Heavy Hearts on Andrews Street

Enterprise, Ala., March 2, 2007 -- "I never thought it would happen like this," says one resident of Andrews Street in Enterprise.  The storm that destroyed the local high school tore through this tight neighborhood - it moved cars, ripped off roofs, shattered glass.  And the dawning of a new day brought a new reality, bad memories and shattered hearts to the people who call Andrews Street home.

"It was like a nightmare," says John Hannaberry.  "The roof just went woosh, just like that."

Now it's salvage time.  He bought his first home just three months ago.  What he had , he'd had a lifetime.  Now it's all gone.  "A lot of stuff was sucked out of the house and stuff like that.  We just want the things that we can't replace."

Elaine Davis wasn't home when it happened.  As she walked toward her house on Andrews street.  She knew in her heart it wouldn't be good.  "I'm walking down the street and I'm thinking it doesn't look right.  I could look further than I could ever see.  The huge stand of trees were completely gone."

Right now all the folks here are finding new places to lay their heads.  "It's just not livable at all.  Glass is everywhere.  (It's) leaking all through the house.  the top of the house is all messed up," says another resident.

The houses are gone.  They can be replaced.  But the hearts are heavy.  One thing that has been lost can never be replaced.  As her eyes well up with emotions and she fights back the tears Elaine Davis remembers what some of her neighbors are going through.  "I can't imagine.  A house can be replaced - a child can never be replaced."

You see Andrews Street is just across from Enterprise High School.  Where at least 8 people died in the ravage of the storm.  Scottie Medley also lives on Andrews Street, "It's devastating to view all of this destruction and know that it only took place in 10 seconds.  Everybody here in this town as far as Enterprise goes -- their lives changed in 10 seconds and it's amazing."

Medley feels the pain of those who lost children at the local high school.  His own children went to the school that he says is nothing like he remembers.  "This place doesn't look anything like it looked before...I mean nothing.  It's total destruction."  Medley's daughter just graduated last year.  "Thank God she was at work when it happened or otherwise she would have been home."

And Medley's home is a "total loss."  However, he feels extremely lucky "nobody was home and nobody was hurt...There was no loss of life as far as the neighborhood goes, it was mainly at the school."

But Medley says though hearts are broken, people are pulling together.  "People are cooking out in their front yard.  If you want food you just go get's amazing the camaraderie of Enterprise people."

Reporter:  Stacy Neumann

Internet Producer:  Helen Hammons