Former President Bill & Sen. Hillary Clinton & Sen. Barack Obama Coming To Bridge Crossing Jubilee

While the gospel song talks about a happy day, most people can look at this day and say that it truly is exciting and pretty.  With great sounds, sights, smells and even ways to make you feel good all over.

Celebrations are important to youngsters not only because of the food, the fun and the music, but their parents also want to make sure they understand the events leading up to this celebration.

9-year-old Askhari Little says about that "Bloody Sunday in 1965,  And they were trying to show that they were not afraid to go across the bridge."   Her cousin, 8 year old Amadi Sanders says, " 'Cause our ancestor walked across the bridge and now it's our turn."

'Our turn' to learn lesson from "shero's" past, so the same mistakes are not made in the future.

Amelia Robinson was a civil rights pioneer who wants youngsters to understand the struggles of the past in order to prepare for the future, "I think they must realize they have a conscious and they will have to listen more."

And while the festivities were going on downtown, a few blocks away, some Selma churches were putting on their 'Sunday best'.

Flowers were being delivered to historic Brown Chapel AME... Preparing for Illinois Senator Barack Obama, and they were spiffing up First Baptist in preparation for New York Senator Hillary Clinton, both Democratic presidential candidates.

Paul Oliver, Jr. is a deacon at First Baptist Church, "And just trying to spruce up the church and make the place appealing and kind of show off a little bit."

The jubilee celebration will begin again early Sunday morning.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson