More Information On Tornado Victims In Enterprise

Here are brief snapshots of the eight students killed when a tornado struck Enterprise High School on Thursday, based on interviews with classmates Wayne Hill, Ally Larese, Chris Tarrants and Ashley Doudna:

Michael J. Bowen, 16: An 11th grader known as Mike, he lived at Fort Rucker, a U.S. Army flight training base located near the school. His father served in Iraq and is scheduled to go back to Iraq in a few months. A trumpet player in the band, Bowen also played basketball. "He liked to make people laugh," said Doudna.

Peter James Dunn II, 16: Everybody called Dunn "P.J." He was in the 11th grade.

Andrew Joel Jackson, 16: Jackson went by "A.J." and was in the 11th grade. A cheerleader, he lifted weights a lot and was strong enough to hold up girl cheerleaders.

Ryan Andrew Mohler, 17: An 11th grader, Mohler was best friends with Jackson. Like his buddy, he was also a cheerleader.

Kathryn Madora Strunk, 16: Known as "Katie," Strunk was in the band and played the clarinet and oboe, and was in the 10th grade. Her mother teaches history at the school. "We ate lunch with her. She likes to have fun," said Tarrants.

Michael D. Tompkins, 17: A senior, Tompkins' father has been serving in Iraq.

Jamie Ann Vidensek, 17: Vidensek was a senior, had a boyfriend and was a regular at soccer games. "She just came to support her school," said Doudna.

Alice Michelle Wilson, 16: Known as Michelle to friends, Wilson was in 10th grade and was in Army ROTC. Members of her unit plan to wear their dress uniforms to her funeral.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press