Obama Wows Them in Selma

Senator Barack Obama talked about his support of raising the minimum wage, equal education and healthcare opportunities for everyone.  This democratic presidential candidate struck a chord for so many who live in the black belt.

Estimates are between 4 and 500 people showed up to hear this shining star of the democratic party. And that was just inside. More than a thousand waited outside to get a glimpse.

Senator Obama admitted he stood on some pretty tall shoulders to be here today and that was a sentiment not lost on the crowd.

People like Levi Rogers of Auburn, "I loved the powerful message that he had."

Or Vivian McWilliams, an Illinois Resident, "I thought it was a profound speech and it offered me comfort and reminded me of Dr. Martin Luther King."

And James Carter, a Union Springs resident, "He's a great man and a man to make a different kind of America."

And it's that change that most of these folks say they want to see.