Calf Roping

An event born from the chores of the working cowboy, the winning contestant, like in all timed rodeo events, is the cowboy with the fastest time.

Success in calf roping depends largely on the teamwork between a cowboy and his horse. A feisty calf that runs fast or kicks hard can foil a roper's finest effort.

The calf is given a 30-foot head start before horse and rider can legally give chase, which is signaled by a judge on the ground. Watch the cowboy as he ropes the calf, throwing the loop, catching the calf in a "catch-as-catch-can" manner.

After catching and flanking the calf, the cowboy ties any three of the animal's four legs together using a "pigging string." If the calf is not standing when the contestant reaches it, the cowboy must get the animal to its feet, then flank it. The cowboy receives a "no time" if the calf kicks free of the tie within six seconds. Starting before the judge's signal or leaving the box early results in the cowboy receiving a 10-second penalty.