Delectable Dining At EastChase

With the wide variety of delicious dishes offered, outstanding hospitality, and an atmosphere to match, Red Star Tavern is the place to dine. Whether having a short lunch, a relaxing dinner, or a few drinks on our outdoor patio, Red Star is here to meet any of your expectations. Our staff can host any of your events such as business meetings, rehearsal dinners, or family get togethers. We are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. In fact, if you mention that you saw this in the directory we will give you 20% off your next visit.

A fish aficionado? Unschooled in the fruits of the sea? Bonefish Grill is the perfect place for seafood connoisseurs and novices alike. A warm, intimate atmosphere with knowledgeable servers who can help you pick out the perfect catch to suit your taste (they also have steak, chicken and more in case the fish doesn't reel you in).

Cold Stone Creamery offers smooth and creamy ice cream that's made fresh daily at each store. The ice cream is customized before your eyes with one or more of an almost unlimited variety of mix-ins, including fresh fruit and nuts, chocolate and gummy candies, cookie dough, brownies and more. Cold Stone also offers sorbet, smoothies and ice cream cakes and shakes.

Zoë's Kitchen is the natural extension of founder Zoë Cassimus' real-life kitchen-a place livened by her love of family and warm hospitality. Zoë's Kitchen offers recipes created from scratch by Zoë throughout a lifetime of cooking for loved ones. Zoë believes a balanced life includes spending time with family and friends over tasty, healthy food. Zoë's kitchen is an inventive restaurant with a Greek sensibility that features sandwiches, salads and hot plates.

Trés Chic. And very, very sumptuous. La Jolla offers a variety of culinary works of art that will delight your eyes as well as your taste buds. And the desserts are decadent enough to tempt even the most steadfast of wills. Resistance is futile.

Looking for a simpler life? Guthrie's combats hunger with a zen-like focus on one single thing: chicken fingers, fried up golden-brown and served with fries, bread and a tangy dipping sauce that's out of this world.

Who doesn't love a good cookie? Anyone who's never enjoyed a Great American Cookie, that's who. The great American Cookie Company offers an endless variety of confectionary concoctions that have raised the bar for snack foods and party cakes everywhere.

No, they don't serve hamburgers. But you can get a cheeseburger without the cheese, if you so desire. Bring the family (but make sure they're hungry). Find out what a "Fring" is and see if you have what it takes to get your picture on the wall.

Who knew bread was so versatile? Panera Bread has sandwiches you've never even dreamed of. How about a loaf of soup? That's right, a bowl made of fresh-baked bread filled with soup. And there's more. Stop by and see for yourself.

We're on a mission to put a Moe's burrito in the hand of every woman, child and man across this great nation. When you think about it, the burrito is the perfect food, and nobody does it better than we do. Add classic tunes, ice cold drinks, and a laid-back environment, and you've got something special.