In Aftermath of Deadly Fire, CPSC Urges Look at Fire Escape Plan

WASHINGTON (AP) - The switch to daylight-saving time each year is also an occasion for the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to remind Americans to make sure their smoke detectors are working. This year, it's a warning that comes with a fresh reminder of just what can happen otherwise.

Earlier this week, eight children and an adult died in a fire in their two-family home in the Bronx, New York. Authorities say the home had two smoke alarms, but that the batteries were missing. The CPSC and the US Fire Administration are also urging people to take a fresh look at their family's fire escape plan.

They say even if a smoke alarm is working, kids might sleep through it. And they say a fire escape drill, either late at night or early in the morning, will help parents determine if the alarm is enough to wake their kids. If not, they say, the traditional plan of having everyone meet at a common location outside the home may not be enough.