Editorial: Pay Raises

Want a raise? Work for it. Perform well.

Most of us have had one in the past 16 years. If it exceeded 3-6%, we were fortunate.

If you've worked part-time as an Alabama legislator the past 16 years, you haven't had a raise.

Legislators want one - a big one - a 60% increase.

The governor says he will veto their request.

They can override the veto but will need to go on the record with their vote, something they didn't do when they made it the first order of business in the regular session on a voice vote.

No one begrudges a raise to people who earn it.

They certainly question how big of a raise.

Wouldn't it be better for legislators to have one of their most productive sessions ever - working together to address critical issues affecting all Alabamians.

When the session is wrapping up, revisit the raise issue again - at a more modest increase.

Then it may be more favorably received by voters.