3/15/07 Pig in the Garden Wraps - WSFA.com Montgomery Alabama news.

3/15/07 Pig in the Garden Wraps

Pig in the Garden Wraps

  ½ cup of teriyaki stir fry sauce

4 boneless pork chops cut into strips

1 tbs of olive oil

large lettuce leaves

½ tsp of garlic

½ cup of broccoli slaw

½ dry roasted peanuts


Marinate pork strips in teriyaki stir fry sauce...

Heat oil in pan...pour mixture into skillet...sautee until pork is browned on bothsides and slightly pink...

Throw in garlic and broccoli slaw and peanuts aand simmer...

Take lettuce leaves and put mixture and roll up...drizzle with teriyaki stir fry sauce if you like...eat while hot...

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