Worley Responds to Indictment

Worley turned herself in Thursday.
Worley turned herself in Thursday.

Former Secretary of State Nancy Worley has decided to come out with guns blazing after her indictment by Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

In a press release, Ms. Worley says, "Troy King's political prosecution is his desperate attempt to take the spotlight off of his own checkered ethical record."

Worley goes on to say, "For Troy King to lead an investigation questioning my integrity is like Paris Hilton teaching a Sunday School class."

"I look forward to taking this case to the courts. At the conclusion of this process I will have proven that no matter what anyone thinks about my tenure as Secretary of State, that I always did my duties consistent with the law and with the highest integrity," Worley says.

Worley turned herself in on Thursday, was released, and is set for her first court hearing in late April.