Editorial: Legislative Pay Raise Feedback

You had plenty to say regarding our editorial on the legislators voting themselves a pay raise, that would make them the 8th highest paid in the country.

Some suggested tying legislator pay to per capita income to the state of Alabama - as we do better they will do better, or pay legislators a flat mileage rate.

Others were more vocal:

Jackie, from Opp, "I suggest they raise the minimum wage and let their pay revert to minimum wage  and get paid for the time they are actually working.  Let them pay for their own expenses.  They are the ones who asked for the jobs and the pay that goes with it."

Alice, from Birmingham, "Your part-time job now pays you more than my full-time job.  I am a state employee myself.  I teach in the Birmingham Public School system and would like a 62% cost of living raise myself to pay for gas, food and the high cost of living.  For my next job, I think I will run for office."

Jason, from Montgomery,  "Why can't the legislature give themselves the same pay increase that they give the state workers and let them live off that.  The state workers work full time while the legislature works part time.

Loretta from Montgomery, "This is totally outrageous!  They should be increasing the salaries of our teachers and educators!"

And Don, from Montgomery, "Did they understand what the pay was when they ran for office?  I know when I took a job I was told what I was going to be paid and what it took to receive an increase.  If a person needs more money, find another place of employment.  I am sure there are MANY qualified people that would be willing to take their place at the Capitol."

Keep your feedback coming!