Editorial: More Legislative Pay Increase Feedback

Your comments continue to come.

Regarding our editorial on Hyundai Excellence, Shawn Duncan e-mailed: "I work with the Hyundai Emergency Response Team so I get around in all of the plants...Hyundai is doing an excellent job with the products, the way they treat team members and what they are bringing to the community."

Concerning our Guest Editorial from Barbara Maze on personal responsibility, Carol Ballard e-mailed: "This was an outstanding editorial and we in Montgomery need to see more like it!"

Pegge Lander agreed: "Ms Maze has some very good ideas to help with a serious problem...I hope she gets much support - our children deserve a chance."

And still more on legislator pay raises: Roger Thornton  e-mailed: "What kind of dark ages are we living in that we still have laws on the books allowing some to vote themselves a raise anyway?  There's no checks and balances in that."

Melissa from Valley added "We citizens are ASHAMED of you and remember...We voted you in...We WILL vote you OUT."

We appreciate your feedback.