First On 12: Chilton County Man Dies in Fire

First On 12: Chilton County Man Dies in Fire

A sheet of black covers Buster Johnson's yard. His body was found just yards from his home.  "He was always willing to help other people," says his Brother-in-Law Jimmie Jones.

Jones says Johnson enjoyed working outside and would often burn trash in his yard. Jones says, "He was just an outside man."

In fact, Jones saw Johnson working in his yard earlier in the day. It wasn't until hours later he learned what happened.  "It's hard. I don't know what's going to happen to my sister now," says Jones.

Police tell us, Johnson's trash fire got out of control and spread into neighboring yards. Investigators say it appears he tried to cross the fence to put out the fire.  "It shows me a death can come at any time," says Jones.

Authorities have not determined the cause of death. Family members can only speculate. "I think he fell in the fire and couldn't get away," says Jones.

In addition to his wife, Johnson left behind several step children. He will be laid to rest Friday. Johnson was 76 years old.