4 Year Old Montgomery Boy Receives Heart Transplant

Lana Grier tenderly strokes her 4 year old son's hair as he recovers from heart transplant.  She says, "He's doing great, considering what he's been through."

She's been at his side every day since the surgery.  She adds, "The doctor seems to be very pleased with his progress so far."

Gone is the ventilator, and most of the chest tubes. Doctors today say they want him to be more active. So what about the family in Birmingham and here in Montgomery?

Vernon Blake is Ben's uncle & Lana's brother.  He's keeping the home fires burning, "We are all very tired. And naturally we can not all be there at the same time."

Lana adds, "It has been an emotional roller coaster, but we are all doing very well at this point."

Blake says they established a web site to keep everyone informed and the family still in montgomery is trying to help out ben's 6 year old brother.  The website is www.bengrier.info

Vernon says Montgomery relatives are all pitching in here at home:  "We take turns keeping him, getting him to school. Keeping him entertained, helping him with homework."

One element no one can deny is how many people are getting behind this family and this little boy. In fact, there's no denying that this child is on the prayer chain of just about every church in Montgomery."

Lana adds,"It makes us feel very blessed. We believe in the power of prayer. And we are so grateful to all the people that have been praying for him and our family throughout this whole ordeal."

Those prayers appear to be helping, as Vernon says, "One of the nurses, when she told ben, "I need to listen to your heart"....and she put the stethoscope to his chest and he asked her..."is it strong?"

So what can we do now to help?

Lana Grier knows, "We need people to continue to pray for Ben's recovery."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson