Barbour County Has Many Celebrities

Barbour County has produced a variety of celebrities.

Martha Reeves of the R&B group Martha and the Vandellas was born in Eufaula.

Admiral Thomas Moore, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under President Lyndon Johnson was also born in Eufaula.

Barbour County also has the most governors in Alabama history.

They are:

1. John Shorter  1861 -1963
2. William Jelks 1900 and again from 1901 to 1907
3. Charles Mcdowell for 2 days in 1924
4. Chauncey Sparks from 1943 - 1947
5. George Wallace from 1963 to 1967, 1971 to 1979, and 1983 to 1987
6. Jere Beasley served 3 days in 1972 while George Wallace was in the hospital after the assassination attempt.