Humminbird Booming Along Lake Eufaula

Many people know about Lake Eufaula and if you are an avid fisherman, you have probably heard of Humminbird. The company makes depth sounders, marine radios and fish finders, and they have a large factory right on the shores of the lake.

The Humminbird factory makes fish finders if you will. Electronic imaging devices that let fishermen see what's going on below the surface. They make equipment for fishermen of all levels from the weekend angler to the pros. And what better place to design, manufacture and test fish finders than on the shores of Lake Eufaula. They even have a repair shop at the factory.

The latest technology developed by Humminbird is called side imaging technology. Old fish finders just gave you a flat view from the surface. The new technology shows you a multi-dimensional display. Humminbird says that the technology is so good it is being used by the Coast Guard's search and rescue teams to locate bodies underwater.

Humminbird's high tech side imaging fish finder recently won one of seven innovation awards.

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Reporter: Bob Howell