Eufaula City Schools At The Top of The State of Alabama

Building for the future, it is not just buildings being built in Eufaula. It is also the minds of future! Eufaula's city school system is the oldest in the state, but don't let that fool you. Their school system is among the best.

Walk into any Pre-K classroom at Western Heights Elementary School and you'll find the learning fun and contagious. The entire program is unique. Barry Sadler is the Eufaula superintendent. Sadler says, "We are the only system in the state that I'm aware of that has universal Pre-K, meaning that all of our students in the city limits have an opportunity to attend a public Pre-K program." And according to the superintendent that's key in preparing the students for the future.  Students in the Pre-K program now learn the numbers 0 to 13 in half the time that it used to take.

Sadler says, "We just have an excellent program I think anyone who comes and observes our Pre-K comes away impressed with the kinda work our teachers are doing."

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Reporter: Valorie Lawson