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On Tour: Couric - Smith House Tour

Hundreds...maybe thousands of people will pass through this house and other historic homes this weekend as part of the eufaula pilgrimage.

From the outside...this house is simple...yet elegant. The woodwork...uncomplicated with clean lines...it looks like a cozy home. And it's been home to joel and anne smith since the mid-60's.

Joel smith says it stood out when he went looking for a home to raise his family. "we enjoy it in the present...it's worked out very well for our family" built in the 1840's...the coiuric-smith house was one of the first houses built on eufaula avenue.

The grounds are beautiful...flowers blooming...a stunning sight even before you go inside the home. But once you walk through the door...the history of the house really springs to life.

Collectibles adorn every room of the house...from the entry way that houses a painting by mister smith...the present owner...to another piece of artwork that was given to his wife by her family in crenshaw.

And just look at these hair flowers...made from the hair taken from womens brushes. And they would wrap it around...and this is her photograph here and there are more pictures...of the smith family of long ago...and the new generation of smiths...grandchildren...many of them live in eufaula.

This is the dining room...grand as it seems...it's just a place the smiths love to spend time with their large family. And...in a way...the family's always in this room...there's a side board from each side of the family.

The smith's moved in back in 1966...but couric family lived here for the first 100 years. It was actually katie couric's great-great-grandfather and his wife moved in first...back in the mid-1980's.

Katie was not famous when we moved in...she came when tracing her roots...every 2 or 3 years maybe and they're not alone...hundreds of people will be here this weekend for the eufaula pilgrimage...to see this house and all that this lovely town has to offer.

The smiths say they love their little hometown...for the people...the trees...the lake...and of course...the houses.

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