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On Tour: Riverside Heights Project

I think it's safe to say most folks like living in a nice neighborhood.... Clean... And safe... A place they can be proud of... Parts of the sheridan heights neighborhood in eufaula used to be rundown and falling apart... But not anymore...

Eufaula Alabama.... Is known for its beautiful historic southern mansions... Located in fancy upscale neighborhoods... But there's another part of town... In riverside heights... A lot of homes were rundown... And falling apart....

"it was terrible before." that was before... Now look at it... Ruthie bell jones was one of 19-homeowners to get a big time home makeover... "most people in this area have low incomes and we felt real good helping these folks.

It's called the riverside heights project... The state pumped in 500-thousand dollars.. To put a fresh coat of paint on this neighborhood.... Ruthie couldn't believe they picked her... I said i'll believe it when is see it... I see it now so i'll have to eat my words.

A fresh new look inside... And a new air conditioning unit outside.. Will make this a cool place to live... Ruthie's not alone... "they put in a new screen, a new carpet, they really did a good job."

So now 19-homes in the riverside heights neighborhood have a whole new look... It took a half million dollars in state money to get it done.... But how it makes these residents feel is tough to put a price on.. "i feel happy, more happy than i've been in my whole life, i've never had a nice place like this.. It's nice to have stuff when you never had stuff before."

one other cool part to this story... The riverside heights project helped 19 families.... But a lot of other families in that same neighborhood took it upon themselves to do their own renovations...

So the whole place is looking better.. And you can tell the folks who live there are now proud to call it home..

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