On Tour: Old Creek Town Park

Another big draw here in eufaula is the water...and old creek park gives you one of the best locations for water sport and family fun.

It's a fisherman's paradise...fish are abundant here and the weather is nice almost year round. That's why it's a favorite for local anglers and those who don't mind taking a trip down to eufaula. Some come for the tournaments...which bring sportsmen from all over the country to this beautiful lake town each year.

"people come from 100 miles away just to fish" there are several varieties of fish here...from largemouth bass...to black crappie. And the scene is just as nice as the fishing.

"we pull from all two to three states...a great situation"

And if fishing's not your thing...get into the swing of family fun at the park. There's plenty to do at the playground of dreams as the locals call it. The attractions here will keep kids busy for hours. Mom will likely get lots of exercise too! and there's more at old creek town park.

Aside from the fishing and the playground...this is a state of the art sports facility. Several groups came to together with the city of eufaula to make sure this park had something for everyone...and there's always a buzz around the park...but especially in the next two or three months.

"pretty much...i know baseball and softball kick off...lots going on down here this time of year" the park is just waiting for you and your family...this popular tourist destination is even featured on the alabama tourism website. See for yourself...why locals and visitors alike...can't seem to get enough of old creek town park.

And I'm told the talapia that come out of the lake around the park...are delicious!