Vote on the Dream Wedding Cake!

Check out the cake options below and vote on the cake style that you like best.  Once you've voted on the cake style, click here to vote on the cake flavor!

OPTION 1. Cake is 4 tiered stacked round layers decorated in white buttercream.

Base of each tier is decorated in blue satin ribbon to match bridesmaid dress. 

Above ribbon  is a reverse scroll design in buttercream.

Cake is topped in fresh flowers.

OPTION 2. Whimsical cake playing on couples initials. 

4 hexagon tiers iced in buttercream and separated with ribbon dividers.

Surrounding the base tier and surrounding stand up monogram.

On top of cake is pastel m&m's matching the wedding colors.

OPTION 3. Stacked cake featuring both hexagon shapes and single layer rounds. 

Cake is iced in buttercream with the hexagon shapes colored  light green. 

Fresh flowers are cascading down cake.

Use the poll below to vote on the cake style, then click here to vote on the cake flavor!