WSFA 12 On Tour in Eufaula: Main Street's Southern Charm

The beautiful Antibellum homes are only part of eufaula's charm. Anyone who lives there will tell you the heart of the town is on Main Street.  Downtown Eufala is where the past, present and future are thriving as one!

One glance at Main Street in downtown Eufaula and you can't help but see the beauty. Lots of trees and greenery, but this landscaping is about more than a love for nature.

"It's a scientific fact, the more trees you have boost sales 25 percent," said Ann Sparks, a Main Street business owner.

Sparks says the there's a big bustle in the city during the Pilgrimage. She oversees the Main Street program.
Main Street is incorporated and focuses on keeping that part of town alive and well.

"Main Street gave Southern charge a grant for this facade," said Grant

Southern charm is just one of the many businesses you'll find along main street working to offer the latest and greatest while preserving the beauty of what used to be.

"This fountain is from the 1860's, it was the center of things then and it is now. The fish have the best time," said Southern Charm owner Kristi Mott.

"This is a privately owned library. This man had so many books, his wife told him to find a place for them, he found this place and it's beautiful," said Sparks.

Eufaula's Main Street is ready to show visitors the meaning of Southern charm.