Oldest Clanton Cheerleader

Football is king in Alabama, and you can't have football without the cheerleaders and that is where Mrs. Deanie Lawrence comes in.  She is almost 87-year-old and still cheering strong for Chilton County High School.

Leading yells is Mrs. Deanie or Grandma Lawrence's specialty. Normally, her cheers happen here at Chilton County High School's football stadium, after she gives a pep talk to the football team. Lawrence says, "I tell them what they should and shouldn't do for winning."

Lawrence is an official member of the cheerleading squad, something that came about after 25 years of teaching and working as a guidance counselor.

She says,  "I was the senior sponsor for 19 years. I went to all the football games and cheered." Something she enjoyed for many years with her husband, Harold, who died in 1983. She says her husband helped build the school's stadium, so she carries on. Lawrence says, "He never missed a ball game." She shares her husbands love of good sportsmanship with the players of today before every game. Lawrence says, "I tell them win or lose, be a good sport. Can't win every time, but we want you to be a good a sport, They respond to me, I tell them win or lose we love you and the student body cheers!"

At special games like homecoming, Mrs. Deanie runs out on the field with the team, she says the student body, coaches and parents make her feel special, and she has no intentions of stopping. Lawrence says, "I'll be 87 in November, my daddy lived till 100, planning on doing it too you see!"

Besides cheerleading, Mrs. Deanie enjoys her home, which is an unofficial museum. It has cultural items from all over the world in almost every room.

Reporter: Kim Hendrix