Chilton County Hot Spots

There is more to Clanton and Chilton County than just peaches.  There are plenty of hot spots for you to check out.

One of those locations is Ebenezer Baptist Church in Maplesville. It's a the site of a Civil War battle, and the church still has bullet holes in it from the battle.

Minooka Park is located in Jemison. It is a first of its kind park in the U.S., including hiking, biking, and horse and a-t-v trails. You can also fish.

There is also Lake Mitchell, a 5,800 acre lake East of Clanton. It features lots of Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass.

Another lake, Lay lake has 12,000 acres of water and 289 miles of shoreline.

Also, check out Lay Dam. This impressive dam straddles Chilton and Coosa counties.