On Tour Clanton - Citizen of the Year

We are having a ball here in Clanton, and there are a bunch of nice people.

But one of them is a stand-out.

In fact, Mickey Bates has been named the "Citizen of the Year".

Mickey Bates loves his work, whether it's here  or out in the community.

Bates won the honor for his work with the Boy Scouts and the Chilton Education Foundation.

"Our job and our mission is to enhance the education of our students I been involved with over the years."

Bates also gives back as much as he can to Chilton County High School.

He says it never occurred to him that he was doing more than anyone else.

None of this work is done for recognition. Bates says it's all to make his community an even better place to live.

Winning the title was front page news and was fodder for some of Bates' friends.

And Bates appreciates the kudos from the people who voted for him to receive this honor. He counts it as a blessing to be considered among past winners.

So look for Bates to continue to build relationships, and a brighter future for Clanton for generations to come.