Tonya Tours Alabama: Treasures of Brundidge

This is just one of the many stores that line the streets of downtown Brundidge, and help it to live up to the name "The Antique City."

You can really get caught up in Charlotte's Web; a store named after owner Charlotte Mccombs.

She's retired from Troy University, and has found another part-time career in running her store.

Everything in it is a reflection of her.

Almost everything in the store was hand picked by her.

Even her beloved pet will likely live here forever, in a painting, with a million dollar price tag.

Next door you'll find a place called Memories. Owner Sharalene Hines specializes in glassware.

If you like milk glass and dishes from the 50's and 60's you need to find your way here.

Hines says she looks all over for new additions.

She delights in being able to help someone add to their collection, especially one that's been in the family for a while.

At Abe's Antiques, there's a variety of interesting items from old tonka toys to what folks used to call a fainting couch.

They've been here for about 17 years.

There's furniture for any room including the traditional, the unique, and even the occasional odd item like a flashy red sign.

Right around the corner the signs are everywhere, literally.

They call Oscar Mcdowell the "Sign Guy" and for good reason.

He's collected some 800 signs for everything from guns, to gasoline, to cola.

A Coca- Cola sign on his building came off an old bottling plant in Mississippi.

Mcdowell keeps his wares in a collection of old buildings, including an old country store and an old post office.

The weekends are high traffic times around here.

Head to brundidge. Even if you don't get that deal you were looking for, you'll meet some good people and a few characters while you're there.

With Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry Touring Alabama.