Missing Henry County Woman Found; Elmore County Missing Woman Still Unaccounted For

Shelby Pettis left her Henry County home Sunday in her Yukon and for the next 4 days no one knew where she was until this morning.

"God is good," said Pettis' daughter Linda Allen.

"No doubt the Lord was with her, and those turkey hunters," said Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox.

Turkey hunters found Pettis around 10:30 Thursday morning, found alive but hungry and weak in the woods behind Union Springs Baptist Church. Pettis spent every night in her SUV except Wednesday night. The area behind the church is off Henry County Road 73 near the Newville community, some 20 miles away from Pettis' home.

When the hunters found Pettis she knew who she was, recognized her daughter-in-law but couldn't quite explain why this happened. She was found disoriented.

Pettis is in Flowers Hospital in Dothan. Those turkey hunters turned down the $1,000 reward money that had been offered in the case.

For now though there is joy in Henry County, but not yet at least in Elmore County where 81 year old Minerva Lewis hasn't been seen since she turned up missing more than a week ago. Lewis left her sister's home in Millbrook to pick up her own mail less than a mile away. There were reports Lewis had been seen at the Holley Mart convenience store near Wetumpka on Highway 14 two days later but nothing since then.

"She's had periodic bouts of confusion but she's never been gone this long," said Lewis' nephew Alvin McKithen.

Millbrook police have refused to rule out anything.

Two stories involving missing women. One was lost and found, the other still unaccounted for.