On Tour in Andalusia: The Covington County Economic Dream Team

Meet the Covington County "Dream Team of Economics".

Andalusia's mayor, the county economic developer, an attorney, a former bank president, and local developers are the stars.

Their winning strategy is to work together for the good of the entire county.

The men work together to draw in business for the cities of Andalusia, Florala, and Opp.

Things are taking off. For example, the airport has $35 million in projects.

They don't always get a win, though. They've lost business due to the lack of housing.

However, they're putting their heads together and coming up with a game plan to get more housing in the county. Right now the economic all-stars are talking with residential developers.

No matter where it lands, they say it's a win win for all of Covington County.

Andalusia officials say the city's sales tax revenue continues to climb. It's up 15% this year.