On Tour in Andalusia: A Little Town History

Now we are going to take a look at the history of Andalusia and Covington County.

The first explorers were Ponce de Leon who came into Covington County in his quest for the Fountain of Youth.

And Desoto, who explored the area in his course of conquest.

Early settlers came to Covington County in the year 1816 from Georgia on ox wagons.

In the year 1841, the lowlands around Montezuma were flooded and a yellow fever epidemic occurred.

The settlers were forced to flee to higher grounds.

They selected the highest point in the vicinity.

It is the present city square of Aandalusia.

It was called "New Site" until 1846 when a post office was established and the town was designated as Andalusia.

No one knows where the name Andalusia originated.

However, since Ponce de Leon and Desoto were early explorers of this area; it is felt that they were responsible for the Spanish influence.

It is assumed that since Spain has an Aandalusia province, that this city was named Andalusia because of this influence.

The total population of in 1900 was only 551.

Today it has a population of 8,897 and is the largest city in the county.

The boundary has been enlarged several times to accommodate new subdivisions and currently contains land areas of approximately 18 square miles.

Andalusia is the county seat of Ccovington County and is situated about 85 miles south of Montgomery, 125 miles northeast of Mobile and about 80 miles west of Dothan.