On Tour in Andalusia: Building a Dream Park

Whether they're bouncing, swinging, or just rocking out this park is a dream come true.

Ten years ago Dream Park didn't exist.

Janet Atkinson, the women who organized the park now gets calls from other groups all over the country.

The callers want to know how they did it.

It takes a whole community and around $150,000 to pull off something this big.

Atkinson says, "We really didn't have a place for some kids to play or picnic."

That all changed when some ambitious moms formed the Dream Team.

Cara Russell, a park organizer says, "We were in a junior women's club and several moms talked about the need for a playground."

They worked with a company out of New York who helped with the plans and the fundraisers.

The designer actually got input from the kids, and you can see their handprints are all over it.

When it came time to assemble this playground masterpiece, it took a whole city to pull it off.

The organizers provided food for the workers, as well as tools and child care.

The whole community came out.

On organizer says businesses let their staff off work, the baseball team from the college took time out of their practice schedule, and even high school students came over to help.

Now andalusia kids are wide open out here, and the parents are  just trying to keep up.

It started with a simple idea from a few moms, and it changed the entire community.