On Tour in Andalusia: Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

The sprawling campus reflects the dreams and aspirations of this community.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College is named for Alabama's only female governor.

It was actually two schools before. One was a technical school and the other was a community college.

In 2003 they came together.

Now there's a campus in Andalusia and two other locations allowing it to serve a large part of the state.

LBW Community College specializes in providing an opportunity for folks in this area to go to school without going far from home.

It also boasts a lower tuition than other schools in the area, and it gives students a nice place to jumpstart their higher education.

President Edway Meadows says, "We get a lot of students that simply aren't ready....and wish to stay home for two more years."

The recruiting process is always in full swing here.

A recruiting liason program is in place to reach out to folks in the community, not just as students, but also as consumers.

The local employment office is here and so are military recruitment offices.

It's part of the partnership that the college continues to develop with city of Andalusia.