On Tour in Andalusia: Plans for a Farmer's Market

The old building doesn't like much right now, but it may soon become a thriving economic center.

The name of the facility will be the Power Plant Market, because it used to be an old power plant.

Mayor Jerry Andrews says, "We think we can pull people buying produce from a 30 to 40 mile radius. We think we can pull people selling produce from a radius even greater than that."

It will also be home to a monthly trading day, not just for farmers.

The building's signs are ready to go and so are the original windows.

However, the building does need some new wiring and some new loading docks.

The estimated cost will be about $100,000.

Mayor Andrews says the farming community has already pitched in.

He says, "If we give the people a chance to come and buy locally grown produce, it's going to really move out and really help our community.

The project fits in perfectly to Andalusia's focus on historic preservation and it's quality of life.