On Tour in Andalusia: World Dominoes Championships

It's a game of skill, concentration, and even a few laughs.

But don't be mistaken, each one of these players is in it to win.

Dr. Charles Tomlin is the domino tournament organizer and he knows his stuff. Need proof? Just look at his tie.

"I'm the local radiologist," he says.

He's also the founder of the 32 year old domino tournament.

He originally suggested the tournament as a joke, and the rotary club president at the time took him up on it.

Tomlin says, "He said 'because there are no more ideas, we're having a domino tornament and Dr. Tomlin's organizing it', and I needed that like I needed a hole in my head."

But now more than 3 decades later Dr. Tomlin has lots of stories to tell including the first time Coach Bear Bryant came to play and how determined he was to win.

Tomlin comments, "His [Bryant's] chauffeur told us he kept him up till 2 in the morning practicing dominoes.. Nervous? don't know about that, but he wanted to win whatever he did."

In case you're keeping score, Coach Bryant won on that first trip to Andalusia.

It was enough to bring him back several more times.

These little dotted game pieces bring in people from all over the world.

Even as far away as Hong Kong.

They may leave with thousands of dollars in prizes or a t-shirt, hat, or coffee mug.

This year's tournament is July 13th and 14th.