On Tour in Andalusia: Chrissie's Cookies

From the eye-catching blue and white polka dot awning on the outside, you can tell something special happens inside Chrissie Schubert's homemade treats shop.

With the help of a cookie dough depositor, Chrissie churns out 100 cookies a minute.

"You drop in the dough" she says,"It deposits perfectly measured dough balls...Chocolate chip, macadamia nut, oatmeal.."

There are also sugar cookies made to order for special themes.

For instance a mexican fiesta.

Chrissie's shop ships all over the nation.

What she sells here is packaged with an extra personal touch.

All lessons learned from her mom, Sister Schubert, who's cornered the market on homemade rolls, and now passes on loads of support to her daughter.

We would like to thank Chrissie's Cookies for the "WSFA 12 Cookies".

The one picture taken for the website is, sadly, all that remains of her delicious cookies.