On Tour in Andalusia: The Babe Ruth World Series

Foshee Field has seen it's share of baseball.

Over the past 20 years, Andalusia has hosted numerous tournaments.

Soon, it will be the place where 13 to 15 year old baseball champions from across the world will come to settle the score.

It's the Babe Ruth Baseball World Tournament.

Dwight Mike of Andalusia's Department of Leisure Services states, "Mexico, Guam, Canada, and Hawaii have been a consistent contender, the caribbean islands...it's a widespread tournament."

It's a tournament that's expected to bring up to 40,000 people and players to Andalusia, along with teams that have already proven they have what it takes to get a crack at the big game.

But, before the teams could play here, Andalusia had to do a little pitching to prove it could host such an event.

The city held regional tournaments and with the help of the city government, some local representatives got a chance to travel to other cities to see how it's done.

"This is not just Andalusia, it's Andalusia, Opp and the Covington County family pulling together to be successful and we look forward to it."

When the players and their families arrive it won't all be just baseball.

City and county officials hope they take a little time to learn about the area and the people who worked so hard to bring the game to the south.

"We just want to be sure they experience warm southern hospitality where everybody smiles and everybody is helpful."

To enhance the experience, players will stay with host homes. One of the 10 teams in the tournament will be from Covington county.