Montgomery Reaches Out to Injured Bull Rider's Family

Mary Akin is taking it day by day.  More than a month after her husband was injured, he's still on a breathing machine. But, Mary has seen progress and remains hopeful.  She says, "He's going to be healthier than before."

At best, Lee is looking at a few more weeks in the hospital, then months of rehabilitation. "I don't know what the medical expenses are going to be," says Mary.

A group of guys have come together to help the Akins.  Jason Minor, who's a member of the cattlemen's association, came up with the idea to hold a carwash.  "We just wanted to help out," he says.

Minor is a Pike Road Volunteer Firefighter. He and fellow firefighters will wash cars at the fire station. They'll give the money they raise to Mary. She says, "If I were from Montgomery, I would be proud. The people have stuck their hearts and hands out for us."

Mary says the community support has brought her comfort. That and her faith help her make it through. She says,  "I know without a doubt god's with him."

The carwash is Saturday from 10 in the morning until four in the afternoon. It's at the Pike Road Volunteer Fire Department  station number two. That's on Briddlebrook Boulevard.