Editorial: 2 Year Colleges

We are paying taxes that support our public two-year colleges that many people say do a good job preparing students for life.

But we are also supporting a litany of mismanagement.

In many cases, our money is not being spent wisely.

In some cases, it is being spent with no strong accountability measures.

In a few cases, the spending has led to criminal charges.

The governor oversees the system.

He suggests we ban legislators, and statewide elected officials, from working in the state's two -year colleges, or any other state job.

That's a good first step.

Nearly one third of our state legislators are being paid by the colleges, either directly or indirectly.

Conflict of interest can occur in all lines of work with legislators but it is clearly disproportionate here.

Taxpayers should not be funding lobbyists and in this case, we essentially are doing just that, and we should stop it.