Covering Bullock County: Tornado Sirens not Working

In Bullock County, EMA officials are sending out a very serious message. "Don't rely "entirely" on our tornado sirens." For now the sirens do not work. No one realized it, until it was too late. Now many in Bullock County are counting their blessings, despite constant reminders of mother nature's touch.

Across the county there are downed trees and damaged homes.  Thankfully there were no injuries. A blessing by many standards, especially after learning the day this storm hit tornado sirens weren't working. According to Bullock County Engineer, Fred Hollan a thunderstorm a week ago knocked out the 911 system and other systems where the siren computer is located.  "We talked with the company and they have to back order that piece of equipment," Hollan says.   There are 19 sirens located throughout county and they are only three years old.  While the county waits for the needed part to arrive, officials say residents should have a back up warning system.  "People do not need to rely on sirens 100 percent," Holland says, "they should not only listen to your station but get a personal weather radio."

Bullock County EMA officials say they do not have the funds to maintain it's sirens.  There is no word yet on when the part needed to fix the siren problem will be in.